Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Wear a Hoodie with a Skirt or Dress the Right Way - 5 Helpful Tips

I used to think that wearing a hoodie with a skirt or dress always looked bad. I thought you could only wear it with a pair of jeans or shorts. But I recently discovered some tips so that I could still wear classy dresses and skirts and be able to wear comfortable hoodies.

Tip 1: This is probably the most important thing to remember. Make sure the hoodie is a zip up hoodie; not a pullover hoodie. When you wear the hoodie with the skirt, leave it unzipped. This will make it look nicer; more like a cardigan. If you zip it up or wear a pullover hoodie, it just looks bad.
These are some examples of hoodies that would look great! Gap and Target
Tip 2: Get lightweight hoodies. These look so much better than bulky, furry hoodies. I know, the heavy, furry hoodies are the most comfortable, but just save those for when you wear jeans. The fullness of the skirt or dress with a bulky hoodie will make the entire outfit look frumpy.
Super cute, simple light weight hoodies. Kohls

Tip 3: Make sure it fits. This one is kind of a no brainer, but it's super super important. Really take your time trying it on; look in the mirrors, make sure you like how it looks. Maybe don't buy online because it will be harder to get the right size. If hoodie is too large, it will completely ruin the outfit.

Tip 4: Keep the hoodies simple. Solid colors or very subtle prints. Don't do obnoxious prints and above everything, don't do college, sports or basically any hoodies with wording. These types of hoodies look bad because they are way too casual to wear with dresses and skirt.
None of these are good. They are big, bulky hoodies that have wording all over them.
Tip 5: Keep your outfit casual. This one is kind of obvious too. Don't try to wear a silk dress with a hoodie, because it's just not going to work. Wear casual dresses and skirts; knit, cotton, etc.
Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Let me know if you have any other tips or suggestions.
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  1. Interesting post! Although I frequently wear zipped hoodies with skirts zipped up, I'm obviously no expert or fashion guru! ;)

    1. I'm not either, Natasha ;) I was more writing this off of personal experience based on what I thought looked good. And obviously things look differently on different people. Thanks for you comment!

  2. These are great tips, Rose! I don't know if I'd ever have the courage to wear a hoodie with a skirt though...unless it was one of my denim ones ;) I guess I need to step out of my comfort zone once in a while though!

    dance a real

    1. Thank you! I was exactly the same way. I didn't think it would ever look good. But you should try it. You might end up really liking how it looks!

  3. Looks beautiful, Rose! I dropped you and email, I hope to hear from you soon.

    God bless!
    -Lisa Hallahan {Young Keepers of the Home}

  4. No offence but I really don't like this!
    Well actually I am a British teenager and after school I love wearing my thick black Gilly Hicks hoodie on top of my school shirt. I have a disgusting black and yellow tartan skirt but surprisingly it looks pretty good.
    So I think that big heavy goodies without zips look very cool and in the cold you will look cute with skirt and tights.
    Anyway that's my opinion


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