Saturday, August 23, 2014

Style Inspiration Saturday - My Ruche Wishlist

Hello everyone! Happy weekend!

One of my favorite sites to browse (and buy from when pocketbook permits) is Ruche. Looking through their selection of darling dresses, tops, and accessories (and more!) is like perusing through a very classy antique shop. This site has influenced my style very much, even just by looking through it. It has helped me to spend less time wondering "does this look cool? Will people like it?" when I'm choosing clothes or outfits, and instead ask myself "Is this pretty? Is it me? Do I like it?"

One hot, sunny summer day when I was young, my sister, grandmother and I sat on my grandparents' bed and looked through Grandma's vast collection of jewelry. Some of it, like her gold amethyst and diamond ring, was very old, given to her when she was a young woman. Some, like the Russian brooch, fashioned into a tiny grape vine, came from Grandpa's years as a traveling salesman, when he'd bring home gifts from all over the world. And some of the jewelry was homemade with yarn and huge wooden beads, gifts from her grandchildren.

When she let us explore and hold and model her jewelry, it was the most wonderful feeling. Family history was in my hands, around my neck, dangling on my ears. Rings that had seen the days of World War II were on my fingers. Brooches that had traveled across mountains, deserts, and oceans were pinned to my shirt. Necklaces symbolizing fifty years of marriage, five kids, and thirteen grandchildren hung from my neck. I will remember that hot afternoon in my grandparents' house for the rest of my life. I will remember that feeling for the rest of my life.

It sounds really trivial, shallow, and silly, but a small part of that wonderful feeling stays with me when I look through Ruche. The clothing and accessories look like something you'd find in your grandmother's collection, and I don't mean that in the frumpy way. I mean that each piece has a feel of history. The elegant colors, feminine laces, and soft prints come from another time, but are updated, freshened, and repurposed to be at home in ours. It's like you've stumbled onto an interesting old suitcase in a forgotten attic, and holy cow! someone left their beautiful clothes in it!

(Trench Coat from Ruche)

So after that long-winded introduction, here are the items in my Ruche wishlist. This is just a small sample of my style inspiration. So definitely head to the website (after you finish my post ;) and check everything out!

This dress is the perfect blend of casual and charming. I envision it with sandals and a skinny brown belt for now, and with a mustard cardigan and boots later! I love that the colors could work well for summer or winter, spring or fall. The possibilities are endless.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect navy skirt. So far, this fits the bill. It'd look great just with a plain tee and flats for casual wear, or with wedges and a flowy blouse tucked in for something a little more fancy :)

Empress Embroidered Blouse in Beige:

Can I just say WOW!? This top is simply gorgeous. And completely versatile! I'd throw it over the navy skirt for a breezy, effortless ensemble, or over a dress for a similar effect. It would also look smashing with skinny jeans and flats!

I love how these earrings are subtle enough to wear with jeans, and yet elegant enough to complement a little black dress and heels! Also, the muted green color works well with pretty much anything, especially the earthy colors of fall and the pastels of spring and summer.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my wishlist! Go on to Ruche and check the rest of their site out!

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