Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Favorite Skirt Revealed (And Why I Love It)

Everyone has a favorite piece of clothing. Sometimes it's a dress. Other times, it's a favorite pair of jeans that fit them like a glove.

For me, it's a floral print skirt from Old Navy. It's swishy and feminine and every time I wear it, good things happen.

Are you ready to see it? Scroll down.....

Just kidding. Here's a weird pic of me. You're welcome. Okay keep scrolling....

This is my favorite skirt in the whole world. I LOVE wearing it.

I love it because it's super comfortable. Like I get to wear a silky blanket all day when I wear this skirt. It's also really versatile - most colors go with it. Although, usually I wear a black or white top because that's easy and I'm boring. Having this blog has really pushed me to try new things which is great!

Okay, so I want to hear about your favorite piece of clothing - I know you have one! post signature

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