Friday, August 22, 2014

Top 5 Useful Posts You May Have Missed

1. Maria's Morning and Bedtime Skin Routine

Sneak Peek:
"A huge part of having (and keeping) clear skin is consistently washing and moisturizing my face on a daily basis. It takes a effort to do it everyday, (especially because my bedtime routine has three different facial washes) but the payoff is huge."
Read all about my skincare routine...  

2. Rose's Back to School: Backpack Shopping Guide

Sneak Peek:
"One of my favorite things when I was little about going back to school was the school supply shopping. All the crayons, markers, and pencils; it's like Christmas in August. And of course you need a backpack! Over the past couple of years, I've seen some really adorable backpacks around."
Read tips on picking the perfect backpack...

3. Six Places to Buy Stylish Clothing Online

Sneak Peek:
"Junieblake has styles that are very unique and trendy and absolutely beautiful and modest!"
Find where to buy super cute modest clothes...

4. What Everybody Ought to Know About Pattern Mixing (5 Secrets That Make All the Difference)

Sneak Peek:
"Ever try to wade into the pool of pattern mixing and feel overwhelmed? Or feel like you might look crazy for wearing two non-matching things? I am here to take away that fear and break down the rules of pattern mixing into five simple (yet essential) tips."

Discover the 5 secrets of pattern mixing (guest post)...

5. How to Wear a Hoodie with a Skirt or Dress the Right Way - 5 Helpful Tips

Sneak Peek:
"I used to think that wearing a hoodie with a skirt or dress always looked bad. I thought you could only wear it with a pair of jeans or shorts. But I recently discovered some tips so that I could still wear classy dresses and skirts and be able to wear comfortable hoodies."
Read how to wear a hoodie with a skirt...
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