Thursday, August 7, 2014

5 Eshakti Dresses I'm Currently In Love With

I always say that if I become a millionaire, I am going to buy every dress Eshakti has for sale. I seriously love the way you can customize the sleeves, length and neckline for modesty's sake. Also, they're just so dang stinkin' cute. Seriously, people. Like where else can you get an vintage elephant print dress??

Also, the buttons and
  When I originally saw this dress on the website (which I check on an almost daily basis for two reasons- 1. I am addicted to window shopping there. 2. They have new dresses almost everyday), I didn't like it until I zoomed in. Sweet mother of adorableness - those daisies and buttercups.

Totally get that this may not be your style at all...its's cool, more for me!

This one is so simple and clean-feeling...with pops of red color. Love it. I feel like this would be way more versatile than it looks. Plus, it has a full skirt...can I get an amen?!  

What shoes would look good with this? Seriously can't purple flats?
Aaaaand there's this one. Part of me thinks this is overkill and another part of me is like, "Go for it...." If I did end up buying this, I would keep everything else as unobtrusive as possible. Like nude shoes and quiet makeup and hair. Otherwise, it would definitely be too much.

A third part of me worries that this is the girl version of the ugly Hawaiian shirt...yeaaahhhh....
I saved my favorite for last. IT'S A BLUE AND WHITE PRINT DRESS!! So much love going on here, ladies. And it has little Venetian boats and buildings. This is perfect. And it's another one of those versatile dresses, believe it or not. Jean jacket, gray cardigan, boots, flats - it would be amazing all year round.

Be still, my beating heart. 

So those are the five dresses I'm currently loving - what about you? Take a look at all the dresses on Eshakti, I promise you'll be there for hours and probably spend three hundred dollars because you can't help it...not speaking from personal experience*.
*just kidding, I am. I had a job in high school. 
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