Thursday, August 21, 2014

My 1950s Dress

Right now I am at school and really busy with the myriad activities of Welcome Week. So I thought I'd post about an older outfit. Throwback Thursday, if you will.

These are pictures I took a while back when I first finished making this 1950s dress. I got the pattern from Sense and Sensibility Patterns. All the patterns from that site are based off of real vintage clothing, so it is genuine and true to period while being doable enough for the modern sewer to replicate. The pattern for this dress is simple and so easily customizable (is that a word?). It's perfect for a beginning sewer who loves vintage fashion, or an experienced sewer who loves easy vintage fashion. Just anyone who loves vintage fashion.

I modernized it a bit with a belt and shoes. I kept the accessories minimal because the dress, with its full skirt and 50s silhouette, is quite a statement in itself (and because I'm not very brave. I'll have to play around with it :o).

It was tons of fun to wear such a classic dress.

This is the way I wore it Easter Sunday, with a cardigan, muslin sash and nude heels (and red lipstick, of course!). This is a very 1950s way to wear it. I felt quite glamorous :o). I also ended up playing a friendly one-on-one game of basketball in the dress after Easter dinner (no heels involved, of course). I must say, if you're going to play basketball, do it with style!

And here is a closeup of the print. It was a simply darling cotton calico, cornflower blue with white polka dots and hints of mint. I'm a sucker for mint!

Dress: Homemade using the Sense and Sensibility Ladies' 1958 Dress Pattern
Brown Belt: Maurices
Brown Flats: Payless
Mint Cardigan: Maurices
Nude Sash: Handmade
Nude Heels: Hand-me-downs from a friend (but originally from Wal-Mart, I believe)

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  1. Oh wow! I love that dress so much. Very pretty! :)

  2. I love both outfits! Beautiful. I'd love to know how to sew :-)

    dance a real

    1. Thanks so much Hannah! Honestly, I'd recommend this dress as a simple and rewarding way to learn sewing! It's very simple and versatile :o)

  3. Adorable...You 3 are beautiful. Love your style~

    In Love,

  4. The fifties are probably my favorite fashion era! And your dress is pretty! It looks like something Modcloth would sell. :)

    Ireland from Ireland Rhea

    1. Thanks Ireland! Modcloth is one of my favorite sites and sources of style inspiration. If something I made looks like something from Modcloth, I'm pretty darn honored :o)


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